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Euro Ridge Racer 2 announced

Good news Kaz - it's out this year.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony Europe has officially announced that Ridge Racer 2 will be coming to PlayStation Portable before the end of the year.

You can check out the first screenshots of it elsewhere on the site.

Announced in Japan last week (where it goes by the name Ridge Racers 2 instead), the PSP's second Ridge outing introduces three new game modes and boasts a series-record number of tracks.

That's 18, and although they're all based on courses in the home console Ridge Racer titles, none of the tracks have been seen before on the PSP.

That said, you'll be quite familiar with World Tour mode, Time Attack, Wireless Battle (again for eight players) and the new Arcade mode, which extends your time whenever you reach a checkpoint.

Other new modes are called Duel and Survival; Sony's promised more detail on Ridge Racer 2 soon, so you'll have to wait and see about those - and the same applies to the cars that make up the game's six vehicle classes (including a pair of special classes).

Sony hasn't actually said a great deal about the game over here yet - the info above is cribbed from previews in Japanese games mags - but we do know to expect it in Q4, with the Japanese release taking place on September 14th.

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