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PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium now have seven-day free trial

Should that Stray you over.

Sony's two new PlayStation Plus subscription tiers now offer a seven-day free trial.

Both the PlayStation Plus Extra (£10.99/month) and Premium (£13.49/month) options will now give you seven days to try the service before being billed.

It's worth noting these trials are not available separately - you are essentially selecting to sign up to Extra/Premium via their various monthly/three-monthly/annual billing options, and just get seven days free up front.

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It's also worth noting that these trials will not show up if you're an existing PlayStation Plus subscriber. (I'm currently signed into the PlayStation Store and on the basic Essential plan, and don't see these options until I log out.)

If you are eligible, you'll see the payment options for Extra/Premium now all set at a very attractive £0.00 pricetag - and then the real recurring price underneath.

PlayStation Plus Premium now begins with a free trial.
PlayStation Plus Premium now begins with a seven-day free trial.
PlayStation Plus Extra now begins with a free trial.
As does PlayStation Plus Extra.

Sony's terms and conditions make clear that you can cancel your subscription before the trial period expires to avoid being charged, though if you fail to do so you will be rolled "into an ongoing subscription with a recurring subscription fee charged automatically" until you say otherwise.

It's unclear whether you can cancel during your free trial, wait for it to expire, then sign up for another free trial.

Still, if you're not a subscriber already and there was something you really wanted to play in its catalogue for less than a week, this might be an option for you.

The adorable Stray launches this week.

July's list of PlayStation Plus additions is headlined by futuristic cat adventure Stray, alongside Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade and Marvel's Avengers.

You can find the full list of games available via the various PlayStation Plus catalogues via our full PlayStation Plus guide.

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