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Pitchford shrugs off Borderlands DLC leak

Fourth add-on about Claptrap uprising.

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Contents of the fourth downloadable Borderlands add-on have been leaked, and Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford doesn't seem to mind.

"It's like reading a draft of a script for a movie that hasn't even been announced yet let alone launched," Pitchford told IGN of the puddle of spilled beans. "Yeah, you might learn something, but it's not the real thing and it could just drive you crazy thinking about it."

Setting, enemies, quests, characters and locations were all dug out of files contained within Borderlands PC patch 1.31.

Pitchford joked that he may hide some "super juicy secrets" in the upcoming DLC as retaliation, and hopes they take "more than a day to find".

The fourth Borderlands DLC revolves around a Claptrap robot revolt lead by the Ninja Claptrap. Fed up with slavery, the robots have broken free and wheeled around the world re-animating dead people (and modifying them with robot parts) to join their cause - even some very famous faces. You'll be called in to clear everything up.

Head over to the Gearbox forums for the full leak. There are spoilers.

No date for the fourth DLC has been mentioned.

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