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Pirates of Burning Sea dated

Sets sail in January.

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Flying Lab has said its Pirates of the Burning Sea MMOG will launch on 22nd January next year.

If you just can't wait, you can pre-order the game and get it two days early. You might be able to get some new shoes or a boat before your friends even start playing. Just imagine.

The pre-order box will also include exclusive in-game weapons and an in-game parrot, as well as a soundtrack CD that, er, you can play at work to remind you of what you will be playing later.

Currently only US land-lubbers have a pre-order date, set for 23rd October, with us Europeans still waiting on calendar confirmation.

Pirates of the Burning Sea has been in development since 2002, and in beta testing as far back as 2005. Originally Flying Labs was understated with its goals and was not even sure if it would let you play as your own avatar - a far cry from the "big fat slab of a game" they're describing it as now.

These days it has its own player-driven economy, ship-to-ship combat, swashbuckling sword fighting, around a 1000 missions, 80 towns, a conquerable world and parrots.

So enticing does the game sound, in fact, that we picked it out as one to watch in our MMOG round-up.

Flying Lab has plans to do a much larger and public beta closer to launch, at which point the NDA silencers will disappear and we will be able to give you our thoughts on the game.

Until then you can find videos and screenshots in our Pirates of the Burning Sea gamepage, or much more information on the official website.

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