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Phasmophobia's latest update means ghosts can open doors and follow your voice when hunting you down

"This update now puts the game into a much more stable state."

Kinetic Games, developer of indie smash horror Phasmophobia, has unveiled a raft of changes coming to the ghost detective game, including a new accessibility feature and quality of life improvements.

"Over the past few months there has been a beta branch running with regular experimental updates," the developer said in an update shared over the weekend. "With these updates the game has been fixed, optimised and changed in various ways to improve the gameplay for everyone.

"Some of these changes are quite significant however these changes are made to improve the overall gameplay experience. This update now puts the game into a much more stable state which will allow for new content to start being worked on."

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Phasmophobia - HEADPHONE WARNINGS GALORE!

The new accessibility page enables players to swap sound to mono for hard of hearing/hearing impaired players, whilst a new button for the contract difficulty ensures it will no longer be randomised.

The ghost AI has also been tweaked. They can now follow you around a corner and listen for player voices when hunting, as well as open doors, closets, and lockers during hunts too, which sounds terrifyingly brilliant.

For the full details, head to the game's Steam page.

Kinetic Games recently announced it was "reconsidering" its development plans - which had initially only called for a short early access period - as a result of the game's huge success.

Phasmophobia is available now in Steam early access, and you can get a taste of its frequently terrifying action, courtesy of Eurogamer's fearless video crew.