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PGR4 gets tournaments

Get your name in lights.

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Bizarre Creations has popped its first title update for Project Gotham Racing 4 on Live.

It brings with it four new tournament modes: Daily Tournaments, Super Saturday, Simulation Sundays, and the Global Cup. Each is made up of numerous elimination rounds that will eventually crown a winner to sit atop the Leaderboards or have their Gamertag in flashing lights on the PGRNations homepage.

To join in you have to race fast enough on a Solo Hot Lap to finish in the qualification part of the Tournament Leaderboard. Fail to show up for your elimination rounds, however, and you will be chucked out like a used crisp packet.

Daily Tournaments take place from Monday to Friday and 640 (five groups of 128) of you can qualify for each day of racing. Top two from each round go through.

Super Saturdays are a day-long event for the weekend, where 2560 (five groups of 512) duke it out - with the top two from each round going through.

Simulation Sundays restrict you to using In-Car-View and Manual Gear changing, and 64 of you can qualify to race against each other. Top four will go through this time.

Global Cup is a bi-monthly event that takes two weeks to complete, where 512 of you compete - top 20 from each Nation and top 32 from "Rest of World". Elimination takes place on the second Saturday of the tournament.

The update is available now and brings with it numerous other tweaks and fixes. However, the free roaming Cat and Mouse mode just narrowly missed out on being included and will apparently be available in a separate update soon.

Good luck.

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