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Channel 4 news report shows Halo 5

And Project Gotham Racing.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has flashed a cheeky glimpse of Halo 5 to the Channel 4 news team - what happened to Halo 4?

A filmed report shows Microsoft's Jonathan Cluts using hidden Kinect-like technology to change the appearance of a wall within a futuristic, Microsoft-built concept house - Microsoft Home.

He flicks through icons and settles on Grandma's Room. But what's more interesting are the two names either side: Project Gotham Racing, the other Halo 5.

Cluts selects Grandma's Room and a more grandma-specific décor covers the walls.

That's it. There's no explanation of the Halo 5 or Project Gotham Racing icons, although beneath the Halo 5 symbol reads, "Inside Halo 5."

Maybe they're nothing more than humorous nods to the future and games that may exist. That still means Microsoft plans to keep both series running. And that's something, isn't it?

We know Microsoft's internal studio 343 industries has been handed the Halo baton by now unshackled developer and IP creator Bungie. Project Gotham Racing was thought dead following Activision's acquisition of Bizarre Creations, however last November Microsoft was apparently in talks with a number of developers regarding a makeover of the dormant franchise.

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