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Overlord II DLC to be "closer to release"

Sequel already "a lot prettier", says dev.

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Dutch developer Triumph has admitted being a "little too late" with downloadable content for Overlord, and plans to offer extras for the sequel "closer to release".

Creative director Lennart Sas wasn't ready to share specifics, but did suggest there will also be less need to tack on features post-launch, leaving more time for substantial additions like Overlord: Raising Hell, for a game already "a lot prettier" than before.

"The DLC for Overlord 1 was an experiment for both Triumph and Codemasters, but perhaps it came a little too late after the release to appeal to all Overlord's players," Lennart Sas told Eurogamer.

"With the original Overlord we spent a lot of time proofing the concept, which meant that there was less time for fine-tuning than we originally planned. The absence of a mini-map [is] an example.

"In designing Overlord II, we haven taken the critique to heart and planned time to both evolve the concept and allow more time for polishing. Even at the current pre-alpha stage Overlord II is already a lot prettier than the original."

"The plan for Overlord II is to have the DLC out closer to release," he added.

Overlord II casts players as the offspring of the original anti-hero, and has them once more trampling minion hordes through picturesque locations battering peasants and gaining power.

The first was worth 8/10 for our money, and with everything seemingly bigger and better this time around, the first signs are promising. Head over to our freshly-minted hands-on impressions of Overlord II to find out more.

Overlord II will appear on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 next year. Climax will be making Wii and DS versions, too.

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