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Overlord II given June date

"Demo is in the plan," says Codemasters.

Codemasters has announced that Overlord II will be released in Europe on 26th June.

"Exact timings are yet to be confirmed, but a demo is in the plan and will be released prior to the game's launch," a spokesperson for the publisher told Eurogamer this morning.

The sequel - developed by Triumph for PC, PS3 and 360 - polishes the areas criticised in the first, and ramps up abilities, beefs up boss battles, features a new Rhianna Pratchett-penned narrative and improves the game engine.

The story's much the same - it follows a growing Overlord as he romps through the land, trampling the Glorious Empire and choosing whether to destroy or dominate the world. There is no good option.

The original Overlord was a solid recommendation but stopped short of spectacular. Our Overlord review can tell you more.

Alternatively, head over to our Overlord II gamepage to find out what we know so far.

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