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Outriders Legendaries: How to farm legendary weapons and armour explained

How to source the unique gear types in the end game.

What you need to know about unlocking, farming and dismantling Legendaries - among the most sought-after gear in Outriders.

Legendaries in Outriders are among the most sought-after gear types in the game.

For those coming from Destiny, these are the game's equivalent of Exotics - similarly offering unique traits, as well as a familiar gold colour scheme.

This page explains how to get Legendary gear, whether to dismantle Legendaries, and the best way to get Legendaries at launch - including specific methods to both farm Legendary armour and weapons, depending on your needs.

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What is Legendary gear in Outriders, and should you dismantle Legendaries?

Legendary gear is the rarest tier of loot you can earn, offering a unique appearance and series of mods, and thus are some of the most sought after weapons and armour in the game.

Legendries in Outriders has the following characteristics:

  • Legendary gear comes both in the form of weapons and class specific armour.
  • Legendary weapons offer a tier 2 and tier 3 mod. Dissembling the Legendary gear means you can then use these mods elsewhere if you choose.
  • If you wear multiple pieces of Legendary armour in a set, you will receive a super charged passive ability.
  • This also means, unlike Destiny's Exotics, you can equip more than one Legendary weapon or armour.
  • As with other gear, you can boost weak Legendaries which have dropped earlier in the game to your current level with the use of Titanium.

Legendary gear can drop from high level enemies, bosses, certain quests and activity completions - the chances of which you can boost through several means outlined later in this article.

Showing the passive bonus for equipping the Cannonball Legendary 3-piece set.

A note to add here is that you shouldn't be too precious with your first Legendary drops. Unlike how most games will treat their rarest loot, Outriders functions a little differently. Early on, you will likely be better off dismantling your Legendary gear.

The reason for that is two-fold. First of all, keeping your legendaries at your current level is very expensive. Prohibitively so in fact, as you likely will not have enough Titanium to do so, especially while making your way through the main campaign. Unless you are deep in the end game and you are tripping over Titanium, it's just not worth trying to keep them relevant for the most part.

There is a tab specifically for Tier 3 mods when crafting.

The other reason is you get a massive benefit. When you dismantle one you will get access to both mods attached to the gear - including one at Tier 3. Slotting these mods onto new gear is much kinder to your resources and you can put extremely powerful mods on any archetype of your choice.

This also sets you up for success later on as your ever-growing library of Tier 3 mods can be applied to other Legendaries later on. You can just replace the inherent Tier 2 with a mod from a previously dismantled legendary and hey, presto, you now have a super-powered legendary with two Tier 3 mods.

A Legendary weapon with two Tier 3 mods.

Guaranteed Legendary gear sources in Outriders

As well as dropping from certain activities, there are specific quests which can guarantee a Legendary as a reward - which might be your first port of call if you are keen to start building up your collection.

Note - it's recommended you ignore Legendary gear sources until after the campaign, where they will then drop at your level, saving you resources on upgrading them later.

Several side quests and chains will reward you with Legendary loot. These include:

  • Big Iron - picked up in the Desolate Fort hub, rewards you with a choice out of Aeria Master, The Landlubber and Grim Marrow.
  • Finding the hidden totems when exploring Canyon of the Grand Obelisk - a location towards the end of the story - will reward you with a Legendary.
  • The Outriders' Legacy - a quest you can pick up in Trench Town will reward you with a Legendary.
  • Completing the Historian, Hunter and Wanted quest lines will see a Legendary drop at the end of the quest chain. Note - as part of a post-launch patch, this will only happen once per completion.
The Hunter and Wanted vendors are worth visiting for dependable and straightforward Legendary sources.
  • Unlocking the final few World Tiers, with Tiers 12 to 15 each giving you a Legendary drop.
  • Visiting vendor Tiago. Available in the end game in a camp, Tiago will sell a variety of rare loot, including legendaries (and usefully, armour, which tends to be harder to find). These require Drop Pod Resources, which are dropped from Expeditions (see below for more on this). Note the higher your Challenge Tier, the most expensive items will be, since they scale to your level.

How to increase your Legendary drop rate in Outriders

Beyond specific sources, Legendaries can also drop across the game from high level enemies and certain activities.

Though there is always a chance Legendaries can be rewarded, there are ways to boost your chances:

  • Setting your World Tier as high as possible. Higher tiers will see your rare loot modifiers increase dramatically. For example, at World Tier 15 - the highest at launch - chances will increase to 425%.
  • Running Expeditions quickly with a high Challenge Tier as possible. Expeditions are 14 end-game missions which players are encouraged to run as fast as possible to increase the rare loot rates. These are also the source of Drop Pod Resources, which can be used to purchase rare loot - including Legendaries - from vendor Tiago.

As with the above guaranteed sources, it's recommended you save Legendary gear sources and farming until the end game, where they can drop at higher levels - especially in conjunction with the Expedition and Challenge Tier system which allows you to scale past the World Tier gear cap of 42, all the way to 50.

Tiago will appear in camps once you reach the end game.

How to farm Legendary weapons and armour in Outriders

Though there are many ways to source Legendary gear, by far the most efficient at launch are running Expeditions or Hunter and Wanted quests. Both have different pros and cons, which we'll outline below.

How to farm Legendary gear from Expeditions

These are 14 post-campaign missions designed to be replayed for loot drops. Two aspects influence the drop rate:

  • Challenge Tier: This is a separate system to the World Tier unique to Expeditions, and the higher it is, the better your rewards can be.
  • Time: The faster the run, the better the rewards. This is shown clearly before you start the Expedition.

To farm effectively, it's a case of finding an Expedition you enjoy or find easiest to complete quickly and at manageable difficulty level. Then, run it over and over. Ideally you'd also work together with others to make things a little easier - and also to help relieve the monotony of the grind. And, if you're a Devastator, consider punching your way through.

If your chosen Expedition doesn't appear on the menu - only a certain number appear at a time - then you can select any and abandon it as soon as it loads to then 'refresh' the Expedition menu.

If you don't get any Legendaries after a run, remember you should earn some Drop Pod Resources - a currency which can be used to buy specific Legendaries from Tiago.

How to farm Legendary gear from Hunter and Wanted quests

Though the above method is faster, especially in higher expedition tiers where Legendaries are likely to drop, you might find yourself failing fairly often. This content is very hard and will likely require a very coordinated team to farm reliably.

Worry not though - there is a slightly slower but ultimately safer way to farm guaranteed Legendary drops. For this, you will want to take on Hunter and Wanted side quests. When you complete all 10 side-quests across the map you will get a guaranteed Legendary item.

When you hand in the last quest to the vendors in Trench Town, they will give you the goods.

The Molten Eidola Legendary weapon.

The nice thing is that you can focus these a little bit too. Hunter quests will drop a Legendary armour, while the Wanted quests will give you a weapon.

You can expedite this process too. The best way to roar through this quickly is to do the first 9 quests on World Tier 1. This will allow you to fly through these quests very quickly. On the final Wanted or Hunted quest, you then want to bump up the difficulty to the hardest possible and beat it. Then turn in the quest to the vendor at the same Tier.

Doing this makes sure that the Legendary will drop on your current gear level. Also, to make that last encounter easier, leave an earlier side-quest until last. This will ensure you're doing a side-quest intended to be done earlier in the game which is generally much easier.

The Disintegrator Legendary weapon.

The great thing about this method is that it is repeatable. Once you turn in the last quest, you will have the option to reset all the quests. Then go out there and do it all again. If you become proficient at this, you may well be able to guarantee a legendary every 30-45 minutes. It's slower than farming the hardest Expeditions, but it's certainly more consistent, and less frustrating than failing out of a long encounter with little to show for it.

Though there are many individual farm methods out there for other areas of the game, which recommend you to backtrack to certain bosses or quests at high World Tiers, Expeditions universally appear to be the best bet for Legendary farming.

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