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Original Life is Strange team delays new game to avoid new LIS launch date

"Let's give both titles the space they need."

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage screenshot showing a close-up of a character's eye.
Image credit: Don't Nod

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage, the next project from the creative team behind the original two Life is Strange games, has been delayed into 2025.

Why? Well, the team behind it are keen to avoid the launch window of Square Enix's own new Life is Strange game Double Exposure, the latest to be made by the franchise's more recent development team Deck Nine Games.

In a press release today, Lost Records developer Don't Nod said its game would now arrive "early 2025".

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage trailer.Watch on YouTube

"We know that many of our fans are eagerly awaiting this game, just as they are the recently announced next installment of Life is Strange," Don't Nod boss Oskar Guilbert wrote. "Let's give both titles the space they need to be enjoyed by our players within the large community we have built.

"We firmly believe that the wait for Bloom & Rage will be worth it. We look forward to sharing this new adventure, which we hope will become another memorable chapter in the Don't Nod universe."

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage had previously been set for a late 2024 launch. Life is Strange: Double Exposure, meanwhile, is set to arrive on 29th October for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

While the existence of a new project from the original Life is Strange team alongside a new entry in the actual Life is Strange series is potentially confusing, the matter is perhaps made even more complicated by the fact the upcoming Life is Strange game continues the story of Max Caulfield, the protagonist of the first Life is Strange game that the Lost Records team originally developed. Got all that?

Earlier this year, I spoke with Don't Nod about creating Lost Records: Bloom & Rage - and why the team had wanted to move on from Life is Strange.

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