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Life is Strange fans criticise $30 upgrade to play new game's early chapters two weeks early

"Hella f*** off."

Life is Strange protagonist Max Caulfield uses her powers, holding out her hand to the camera in a wintry scene.
Image credit: Square Enix

Life is Strange fans have criticised an Ultimate Edition version of the game which gives "advanced access to Chapters 1 and 2", two weeks ahead of its main release date.

Announced last night, Life if Strange: Double Exposure sees the return of the series' original protagonist Max Caulfield, now grown up, but still dealing with a dead best friend.

Double Exposure is set to launch for PC, PlayStation and Xbox Series X/S on 29th October, priced $50. But if you buy the pricier Ultimate Edition, you can play its opening chapters on 15th October, for $80.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure reveal trailer.Watch on YouTube

The Ultimate Edition also includes an array of alternative cosmetic options for Max, as well as an additional side-quest involving cats.

As well as being a push for more money from fans, there's been criticism also of the inevitable story spoilers that will hit the internet as soon as some players gain access to Double Exposure's opening sections.

"Don't miss your chance to join the conversation around this unforgettable supernatural murder mystery," notes Square Enix marketing for the game's Ultimate Edition on Steam.

For a game entirely designed as a narrative experience, these concerns are perhaps unsurprising - and there's been negative feedback on reddit and social media.

"People will buy it Day 1 just because they have the money and love Max," one fan wrote. "Hate this practice so much, especially in this genre where spoilers can ruin the experience."

"To avoid getting caught up in spoilers I will be pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition," another fan wrote. "A very bad decision by Square Enix."

More details on Life is Strange: Double Exposure will be unveiled later this week, on Thursday 13th June, in a video stream dedicated to detailing more of the game.

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