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One final FYI: Sony is charging £10 more for Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 than you need to pay

Ahead of its launch tomorrow.

Horizon Forbidden West launches tomorrow and many of us (including myself) are eagerly waiting to return to Aloy's adventures.

If you're lucky enough to be able to experience it on the PlayStation 5, just remember that you can save a tenner by purchasing the PlayStation 4 version and taking advantage of the free upgrade to a PS5 version.

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It isn't immediately obvious that you can do this. Last week I mentioned that Sony has hidden the option to purchase the PS4 version directly from your PS5. Instead, you'll need to buy it from a PS4 console or purchase it on the web:

Do not click this button.
Scroll down, and get it £10 cheaper.

If you have a disc-based PS5, you can also purchase a disc copy of the PS4 version and simply pop it into your PS5. You should see a box on the bottom right of the home screen that lets you upgrade and download the PS5 version at no extra cost.

It's worth remembering that you will need an internet connection to download the PS5 version, so if that's not an option, your best bet would probably be to purchase a PS5 disc. But in a world where games are released with day one patches, you really do need one to get the best experience.

You also can't preload the PS5 version if you pre-order the PS4 version from the PlayStation Store, which means you'll have to download it tomorrow. Whether that was intentional or a limitation of Sony's dual entitlement system is something I'll leave you to speculate on.

Sony is needlessly making it more difficult for consumers to get the best value for money with its dual pricing strategy. It's a real shame to tarnish what otherwise is a game that has received high praise from critics.

Be sure to check out Eurogamer's review of the game, where Malindy said, "Another beautiful technical achievement, Horizon Forbidden West is held back by clunky characters and new features that lack purpose".

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