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Obscure PS1 game Aconcagua can finally be played in English

Lost in translation.

Screenshot from Aconcagua
Image credit: Hilltop

Aconcagua, a Japanese-only PS1 game, is finally receiving an English translation.

Hilltop, a translator of Japanese games, is releasing a patch for the game - available from 11th July.

The game was originally released by Sony in 2000 but never made its way to the west.

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It's a third-person adventure focused on a group of passengers who survive a plane crash in South America caused by a terrorist bombing. Sounds a bit like Lost to me.

IGN reported at the time that Sony was aiming to penetrate the game market in Argentina.

It received a 29/40 in Famitsu and is little remembered, likely due to the imminent release of the PS2.

Hilltop claims the translation process was "a roller coaster of obscure technical roadblocks and clever solutions". Check out a trailer of the translation below.

Note that some of the cutscenes and voice acting were originally in English, but all text has now been translated into English.

Cover image for YouTube videoSony's Aconcagua PS1 English Patch Available Now
Sony's Aconcagua PS1 English patch, which releases on 11th July.