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No More Heroes sequel unveiled

Desperate Struggle teased in trailer.

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Grasshopper Manufacture has announced No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle via a teaser trailer and, subsequently, a press conference.

Desperate Struggle will likely be published by Rising Star in Europe, and the previous game was on Wii, but there's no word on platforms yet. Eurogamer's Oli Welsh just attended a press conference for the game in Japan, and reports that it looks very much the same graphically, and there was no suggestion that it had switched platforms.

What we've seen so far, then, is a typically confident Travis Touchdown striding through lovely stylised locations before whipping out his beam katana. The first game saw Travis taking down rival assassins in his quest to be number one. We're now told he's on a quest for revenge, and is going to "take fighting seriously".

The first game was also smart and self-conscious, sending up rivals as it went, and typically for a Goichi Suda (or Suda 51) production, it was abstract and full of peculiar, ingenious touches, like mobile phone chats played through the Wiimote speaker. Expect more of that, as Suda has confirmed that he's writing the script again.

Speaking at the conference in Japan, he said he wanted to make a sequel partly to reward the surprisingly large numbers of fans the first game amassed in Europe and the US.

Check out our No More Heroes Wii review for more, and expect to hear more about Desperate Struggle this week after we speak to those involved during the Tokyo Game Show.

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