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No mod tools for Battlefield 3 at launch

Maybe ever.

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DICE won't provide mod tools for new super-creation Battlefield 3 at launch.

The developer explained to Game Informer (via NeoGAF) that the new and much hyped Frostbite 2.0 engine makes everything more complicated; releasing mod tools would take a lot of work. And does DICE want to focus on that or making the game?

Nevertheless, DICE confirmed that PC will be the lead platform for Battlefield 3. This decision manifests in 64-player online PC battles. DICE didn't specify how many can fight online on consoles, although US shop-chain Best Buy reckons the number will be 24 (thanks, VG247).

Battlefield 3 will feature co-op, and there will be four character classes to pick from (they're not named). They'll be customisable, but not on a ridiculous level. It's a toss-up, argued producer Patrick Bach: "Giving the pink rabbit hat to someone would make it fun, but if you're running around and you don't know what you're shooting at, you don't take the professional gaming seriously in my book."

Squads will be detailed later.

Theatre mode is a possibility, and there will be a killcam installed so you know who killed you.

Much of the rest of the piece sounds to have been boasting about that Frostbite 2.0 engine. Apparently a team twice the size of Battlefield: Bad Company 2's has been working on Battlefield 3, and everything from graphics to the animation (EA Sports' ANT system) to the sound has been reworked.

This results in believable level destruction, which presumably ups the amount of scenery being smashed to smithereens. Apparently one level witnesses an earthquake that dramatically ravages the landscape around you.

On top of all that, there will be liberal use of the strong language like f***, which sounds f***ing nice.

Battlefield 3 also hones the story element, and adds Iraqi Kurdistan to the known list of locations: Paris, New York, Tehran.

We heard yesterday how Battlefield 3 will feature a spotting system of some kind, and how Dolphin Diving - going prone mid-air - will be strictly forbidden.

Also, jets.

That Frostbite 2.0 engine. All that and a bag of chips?

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