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No Man's Sky is getting full Steam Deck support

Including touch controls!

No Man Sky's latest update, named Sentinel, brought a whole raft of new features, but a short clip posted by Hello Games founder Sean Murray today announced that the update also brings full support for the Steam Deck to the game.

The clip reveals the game in action on the Steam Deck, along with touchscreen controls.

No Man's Sky is one of a number of games that have had updates to add bespoke support for the Steam Deck.

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Subnautica also has touchscreen support, while Half-Life 2's UI was updated for the small-screen, keyboardless, experience.

No Man's Sky has really turned itself around since its rocky launch six years ago when the game was criticised for its barebones gameplay and stability issues on consoles. Since then, Hello Games has adopted a live service model for the game, which has seen a considerable number of updates with no end in sight.

Next up for No Man's Sky is a Nintendo Switch version - perhaps those touchscreen controls will also turn up there?