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No Man's Sky is heading to Switch this summer

Mario galaxy.

No Man's Sky - Hello Games' ever-evolving exploratory space sim - will be packing down all 18 quintillion of its procedurally generated planets and squeezing them onto Switch this summer.

It's certainly an ambitious undertaking given the Switch's comparative limitations and the generally demanding nature of No Man's Sky's procedural core, and Hello admits the project - which a small team at the studio has been "secretly working on" for the last couple of years - has been a "real moonshot".

"There have been so many times where we've gone home one day convinced it was impossible," the developer explained in its announcement, "only to have someone stride in the next day with a unique technical solution."

No Man's Sky - Switch announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

Judging by the announcement trailer, however, that hard work has paid off in dividends. The Switch version might not have quite the same graphical bells and whistles as its PlayStation, Xbox, and PC counterparts, but it still manages to conjure a convincingly lush, vibrant rendition of No Man's Sky's gorgeous universe.

And if that wasn't enough, it looks like it'll incorporate all previously released updates for the ever-expanding space sim too, bringing the likes of base building, bobbleheads, farming, space freighters, land and water vehicles, pilotable mechs, living ships, alien-infested space derelicts, new flora and fauna, pets, music tools, sand worms, and more.

Hello Games says it'll be sharing more of No Man's Sky on Switch - including details of its UI, controller support, and gameplay - as its "summer" release approaches.

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