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No Man's Sky celebrates fifth birthday with tiny tease for new Frontiers update

More details coming "very soon".

No Man's Sky is celebrating five (extremely eventful) years since launch today, and developer Hello Games has served up a tiny tease for the exploratory space sim's next big update, Frontiers, as part of the festivities.

While No Man's Sky soothing exploratory rhythm certainly found its fans at launch on 9th August 2016, its arrival was infamously marked by immediate and sustained controversy when players discovered some of the features discussed prior to its release were absent from the final game. Hello Games has embarked on a truly staggering post-launch development journey since then, and has now put out a total of 16 named - and in some cases utterly transformative - updates for the ever-expanding space sim.

We've seen the introduction of base building, bobbleheads, farming, cross-platform multiplayer, VR support, giant customisable space freighters, land and water vehicles, pilotable mechs, living ships, alien-infested space derelicts, new flora and fauna, pets, live-service-style community expeditions, music tools, major overhauls to the game's planetary generation tech, spicy visual enhancements for new-gen consoles, sand worms (finally!), and more.

No Man's Sky - 5th Anniversary Trailer.Watch on YouTube

The result of all that monumental dedication is, assuming you're not completely averse to its staunchly crafting-focussed core, a dizzying (if occasionally messy) sci-fi sandbox delight.

And Hello Games still isn't finished, it seems. As part of today's birthday celebrations, the studio has released a whistle-stop video retrospective of everything that's come to No Man's Sky over the last five years, culminating in a tease for its next big update, Frontiers.

There's not much to see right now - just a logo - and the only clue as to what it may bring is that title. Could we be on the verge of multi-biome planets? Mass player-built settlements? Hello Games says it'll be sharing more on the update "very soon".

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