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'No kids' COD multiplayer dismissed

Young 'uns "want to have their fun too".

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Sick of potty-mouthed pre-teens fouling up your Black Ops multiplayer sessions? Get used to it, because an 'adults-only' mode isn't going to happen, so says developer Treyarch.

Speaking in an interview with Official Xbox Magazine, community manager Josh Olin explained that, though they can be a pest, youngsters have every right to enjoy multiplayer, even though the game carries an 18 rating in the UK.

"I think it should be handled by the ratings board. I don't know a tremendous amount about UK ratings boards, but I do know that you have to be of that age to purchase the content, and if parents want to let their kids play it's completely at their discretion.

"I get where you're coming from, it's that maybe the kids are more obnoxious to deal with - but hey, they want to have their fun too, so I don't want to kill that for them."

Meanwhile, the Black Ops juggernaut rolls on. Earlier this week, it was crowned the biggest UK entertainment product of 2010.

A new DLC map pack, titled Escalation, is due out on 3rd May.

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