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No Deluxe GHWT bundles for Europe

Official date soon, says Activision.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Activision has told Eurogamer there will be no deluxe Guitar Hero World Tour bundles for Europe.

These were unveiled recently on the RedOctane store, and include extras such as recharge kits, instrument bags, key chains and t-shirts. All for a price, of course - in this case USD 240 (GBP 120) for the full band bundle.

Band bundles here - game, microphone, wireless drums, wireless guitar - go for around GBP 150 on retailers such as Play, Amazon and GAME. Most sling in a free wired bass controller, too.

Those same retailers all agree on a release date of 7th November for the game. However, Activision has said an official date for Guitar Hero World Tour would be announced soon.

Find out more on our Guitar Hero World Tour gamepage.

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