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SanDisk microSD cards are dirt cheap once again

Another chance to grab a bargain on Nintendo Switch storage.

With the likes of Monster Hunter Rise, New Pokémon Snap, Mario Golf: Super Rush and Skyward Sword HD all coming to the Nintendo Switch throughout the year, it's looking like the console's internal storage could struggle if you want them all installed at once. Especially if you're still digging through Animal Crossing, Super Mario 3D All-Stars and whatever else is in the backlog.

If you've found yourself debating which games to delete to save space then you should definitely check out these discounted SanDisk microSD cards while they're on offer once again at Amazon UK. Multiple card sizes are reduced: from a small 128GB bump to a chonky 400GB.

Of course, these can be used in many devices, but for a Nintendo Switch SD card, you shouldn't really need to go beyond the 200GB or 256GB for general use. However, the 400GB card is great value for money should you want to fully futureproof yourself for - essentially - the rest of the Switch's lifecycle. Plus, you should then be able to bring everything over to the Switch Pro, should the rumours of its existence be proven true.

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You might see that the Nintendo branded microSD cards are also on offer as part of the Amazon Spring Sale but there's absolutely no reason to buy them over the standard versions. The 400GB normal card is only £5 more than the 256GB Nintendo card, so don't waste your money.

There's no boost to performance or any specific features that improve how they work in the Switch. You'd be paying extra for the name alone - and a fancy design that you'll never see again once the card is installed!

Now you've got all that space you're probably looking to fill it up with some games, right? We've got a look at this month's best Nintendo Switch deals right here or you can browse through a whole bunch of Switch games offers from Currys.

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