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Nintendo fighting major Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leaks


Nintendo has spent the weekend trying to scrub Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spoilers from the internet, after early copies leaked last Friday and the game was subsequently pirated online and shared in the usual illegal places.

Gameplay videos and ripped cutscenes have appeared on Twitch and YouTube. Many fans have complained about accidentally clicking on - and spoiling for themselves - the ending of the World of Light campaign.

Nintendo has filed copyright claims against most of the videos, removing them from view, but there's little it can do to stop the tidal wave of new information which has emerged.

Dataminers have been peering inside the game's files to detail every Spirit in the game - and how many of them there are - something which has been closely guarded by Nintendo in the run up to Ultimate's release.

Further details of entirely unannounced modes, methods of unlocking the game's characters, hours of new music, and countless Mii costumes have also been posted online.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is not due for official release until 7th December, and Nintendo will likely be asking questions as to how early copies ended up in the hands of players.

All of which is to say, if you're a Smash Bros. fan and wish to remain unspoiled between now and the game's release, you should be avoiding YouTube and Twitch's Smash Bros. section as much as possible.

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