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Nintendo Account sign-ups live, Miitomo pre-registration open

It's a Mii.

You can now bag yourself a shiny new Nintendo Account, the company's fresh account system it will use from here on out.

The accounts will first be of use in Nintendo's range of upcoming smartphone apps. The first app to launch - Miitomo - arrives in March, but you can pre-register for access as of today.

You'll need one of those new Nintendo Accounts to pre-register for Miitomo - but you'll also get a Platinum Point for doing so.

Platinum Points (and Gold Points) are part of the new reward system Nintendo is also introducing alongside all of the above. You'll earn them by interacting with and buying Nintendo games, apps or services, and then use them on future discounts.

Here's what the new Nintendo Account page looks like. It's pretty basic right now, but you can link in your social media accounts (or not). All of the above information was gleaned from my previous Nintendo Network ID, which you can add during the registration process.
Miitomo lets your Mii avatars hang out and chat with friends, revealing things about them you may not have known (information taken from questions the app asks you).
You can personalise your Mii in hundreds of ways, with coins earned by playing the app (but also available for purchase).
There's also a photo mode.

Nintendo has yet to set a date for Miitomo's launch, but anyone who pre-registers will be notified when the app hits the iOS and Android stores.

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