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Miitomo now live in the UK, in-app purchase prices listed

Nintendo's first mobile game launches.

Nintendo has launched its first smartphone app, Miitomo, in the UK for iOS and Android devices.

Miitomo is about you - answering questions about yourself and discussing your answers with others. You can also customise your Mii avatar with all sorts of clothing.

The in-app store has plenty of outfits on offer, with the most expensive sets of clothing priced up to 6500 Miitomo coins.

Coins aren't hard to come by - Nintendo showers you with money for adding friends and interacting with others. Every comment you leave or answer you give adds a little more gold to your pocket.

You can also gain special sets of clothes by playing the Miitomo Drop mini-game, a sort of pachinko machine where your Mii bounces around and ends up with a shot at clothing not found anywhere else in the game (there's a cat-themed set I'm currently trying to gather).

Entry to Miitomo Drop costs 500 coins or 1 Game Ticket, another item doled out plentifully by Nintendo.

That said, if you do want more coins quickly, you can choose to buy a pack from the app store itself. The UK pricing is 79p for 1000 coins, £2.29 for 3150 coins or £3.99 for 5500 coins.