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EG Podcast: Lik-Sang, DLC, Bully and Final Fantasy

And some PS3 chatter, too.

Hello and welcome to the latest in our run of Eurogamer podcasts (well, welcome to the item telling you what's in it, anyway), featuring a look at some of the key debates raging in the world of gaming.

Today's podcast sees Tom, Ellie and Rob discussing the reasons for and consequences of popular retailer Lik-Sang's closure, before the troubling trio trip into a discussion about the controversy surrounding Lumines Live, Godfather and "consumable" premium content in general.

There's also a chance to hear what Final Fantasy XII producer Akitoshi Kawazu has to say about the game before we publish the full interview and import game review later today, along with a relatively brief look at whether Canis Canem Edit - Bully to most - lives up to its billing.

Finally, there's a chance to hear us ruminating over the at-the-time-imminent arrival of our PlayStation 3, which has of course turned up now, as part of our traditional new-releases slot.

As you know by now, you can get the podcast either using our RSS feed - which will automatically update you when we post new episodes - or by directly downloading the MP3 file. iTunes users can subscribe from within iTunes by selecting the "Subscribe to Podcast..." option under the "Advanced" menu, and pasting in our RSS address: https://www.eurogamer.net/assets/podcasts/egpodcast.xml - various other players can also subscribe, apparently, but we don't know about those. If you're an iTunes hating type, please feel free to post details for your player in the comments section below and we'll include them in future podcast news stories.

Enjoy. We'll be back with another one in a fortnight.

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