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Custom tracks for GTA PSP

Rockstar releases new app.

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Rockstar has released a new Custom Tracks feature for GTA: Liberty City Stories, the first PSP instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Once you've downloaded the program (you can find it on the official LCS website) you can rip tracks from CDs, convert them to the right format and stick them in the game.

Then you use the PSP's left and right button to switch between songs, instead of changing radio stations. Song names and other info will be shown so it's easy to find your favourite tracks.

You must have at least one LCS save file on your Memory Stick to start off with, and you can't just play music you've already saved on your Memory Stick in the game. Similarly, you can't play music you've saved using the Custom Tracks application unless you're playing the game.

The application will only convert music from proper CDs you've bought in an actual shop, so you can forget downloaded stuff or ripped discs. And if you've got a Mac, tough luck - it's a PC-only job.

There's some confusion as to whether you can use music you've bought via services such as iTunes - some reports suggest that iTunes' burning feature will create CDs that the application recognises, but that's yet to be confirmed.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories was supposed to be out last Friday, except it wasn't. Now it's supposed to be out this Friday, except it might not be. Who knows.

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