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BBC clarifies PS3 report

Not out in 22 months after all.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The BBC has confirmed to Eurogamer that the PS3 release date mentioned in a recent news report was in fact "speculation."

The report, which appeared on the BBC News website, caused a flurry of excitement because it included a statement that the Xbox 360 was launching "22 months before PlayStation 3."

Which would mean, of course, that the PS3 was out some time towards the end of 2007 - and not spring next year, as has previously been suggested by the likes of Ken Kutaragi himself.

But speaking to Eurogamer earlier today, the BBC journalist who authored the report said the 22 month figure was not the product of some "inside track" with Sony - it was "just speculation."

So there you have it - you should still get your shiny new Sony console next year after all. Depending on where you live, maybe...

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