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Sony lukewarm on PSP emu talk

7000 titles, the Internet screams! Awaiting confirmation, Sony says.

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Sony will re-release an estimated 7000 PSone titles by the end of next year that will run on PlayStation Portable's PSone emulator.

That's according to the UK's PSP Magazine, which says that Sony has confirmed the first wave of titles and the 7000-game figure.

The first wave will include Final Fantasies VII and VIII, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and the original Silent Hill, the magazine said.

Whether or not someone at Sony said something to the mag though, it's certainly not going into specifics with general media inquiries - with ours this week met with a blank stare and a general statement:

"Sony Computer Entertainment is pleased to confirm that PlayStation titles will be made available to download onto your PlayStation Portable as per our announcement at E3," the company told us.

"However, no further details have been released as we are finalising plans and awaiting official confirmation on software line-up. We will be in touch soon with more news."

We'll let you know when details are confirmed.

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