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Ubisoft delays HOMMV

Have the beta testers won?

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Less than a week after Ubisoft launched the beta test for forthcoming PC title Heroes of Might and Magic V, it's been announced that the game will no longer get a March release as planned.

According to US website GameSpot, the delay was not known about before the beta test kicked off. A new release date is expected to be announced later this week.

The news will no doubt please the HOMM fans who set up - an online petition aimed at delaying the game's release.

Unfortunately the site appears to be down at the moment, but those who visited earlier will have been greeted with the message: "All of the undersigned wish to see Heroes of Might and Magic [V] as the title that reinvents the series, the title that brings glory back to the Heroes of Might and Magic name.

"All wish to see more releases in this new world that Ubisoft has created for Might and Magic. However, we also feel that, should you release the game on its currently scheduled release date, all of our dreams will be shattered."

The petition went on to encourage Ubisoft to delay the game: "Pushing back the release date even one month will provide many benefits, most of which will in turn equate to increased long-term profits for Ubisoft, and increased longevity for the Heroes series."

So, has Ubisoft heard the fans' pleas and taken the decision to delay the game accordingly? The publisher has yet to respond to requests for comment, but we'll keep you posted. [Call me a cynic but I doubt it... - Ed]

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