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HOMMV beta delayed

Update: But only until today!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Remember that there was meant to be a Heroes of Might & Magic V open beta starting on January 19th? Well, it didn't. Ubisoft's US website for the game explains:

"The open beta for Heroes V has been delayed, to make the experience as smooth as possible for all those involved. Keep an eye out for a new beta launch date, and all the news that goes with it."

Good news though. Reader Robert Malatynski points out a post on Ubisoft's forums, which says the beta will start today at 6pm!

HOMMV, due out on March 31st, features 3D graphics and five online play modes among its variation new features.

One HOMM-related thing that hasn't been delayed (at least not yet!) is our preview of the game, based on a trip to a foreign land recently. That should be up on the site in the incredibly near future.

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