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Final Fantasy XII US date

End of October.

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XII will be released in the USA on October 31st.

The PS2 exclusive RPG will be available in two versions - the normal everyday one (not its official name) and the Collector's Edition.

The latter features special packaging (maybe it's made out of cats), and a bonus DVD with promo trailers from the US and Japan, a developer interview, an art gallery and some featurettes.

The Collector's Edition will be exclusive to EBGames and GameStop though, so don't go looking for it anywhere else. What's more, it'll only be released in limited quantities.

There's currently no word on when FFXII will be released in Europe, but Square Enix has previously said it will be out this year.

The game came out in Japan on March 16th. You can find our import review elsewhere on the site.