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Capcom's new PSP games

Three heading here next year.

Capcom has announced plans to bring three new PSP titles to Europe next year.

First up is Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX which, as previously announced, will feature 37 characters and a Wi-Fi multiplayer mode for up to eight opponents.

Then there's Breath of Fire III, the latest instalment in the classic RPG series. The game follows the adventures of Ryu as he embarks on (another) epic quest to discover the truth about his ancestry and "understand the dragon power that has awoken inside of him" (sure it's not just puberty?). The PSP version will include a bonus fishing mode, which you can pass on to your friends even if they don't own the original game.

Last up is Monster Hunter Freedom, which is based on Japan-only PS2 title Monster Hunter G. You can expect brand new quests and features, including multiplayer missions for up to four players. These will allow you to build up your character and create new weapons by defeating specific monsters or collecting items.

Other new features include an area called Felyne Kitchen, where you can train Felynes to cook for you. As their kitchen skills improve, so do the meals they prepare, and the more your statistics increase. However, if you aren't happy with their work you can just fire them and hire new ones.

Plus you can now visit The Farm - a new area where you can collect rare mushrooms, mine for ore, catch insects and play mini games, obtaining essential items in the process. There's nothing in the press release about Rebecca Loos and pigs though, sadly.

MHF will also feature a new mode called Treasure Hunter, which offers a series of co-operative missions for two players. All the items you obtain in this mode can be kept and used in the single player game.

Breath of Fire III is due for release on February 10th, with Street Fighter 3 Alpha MAX following on February 24th. Monster Hunter Freedom is out on March 31st.