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Baldur's Gate 3, Street Fighter and Lost Ark developers discuss.

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EGTV: Video round-up

Mark Rein, Motor Storm, more.

Causing the biggest stir on Eurogamer TV this week through sheer force of personality, the always reliable Mark Rein was his usual controversial, articulate and entertaining self in an exclusive video interview.

During the wide-ranging chat, Intel gets a kicking, Sony is praised for providing PS3 dev kits in good time, Nintendo Wii gets respect and 'Captain Obvious' reveals why he relishes his role as self-styled “industry loudmouth”.

Speaking of PS3, two of the big early games from Sony's globally renowned European studios get to do a little turn on the video catwalk this week, with a stunning look at off-road racer Motor Storm, and a taster of the utterly irresistible next generation of SingStar. Only the blackest of hearts will fail to flutter at the prospect of this party favourite's new online features.

Also from Sony London, Getaway spin-off Gangs of London is taking shape on PSP, promising to deliver the much-needed slick and exclusive action title the handheld is crying out for.

Another week, another brace of lively Dawn of War video beauties to tease us into the weekend, PC RTS fans this time treated to an overview of the Krootox units and the mighty Tau MeatGrinder.

If you're a PC owner, the chances are you probably have at least a passing interesting in a little sequel to a game called Half-Life 2 – and Valve has issued an extended version of the Episode 2 trailer like the shameless, brazen flirt it is. And still we're hungry for more.

Finally, two more tasty next-gen offerings worth checking out are Tony Hawk's Project 8 and Eidos' highly promising and equally ambitious action title Just Cause, the new movie showing off the impressive scale and depth of the experience on offer.

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