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Kojima misses PS3 rumble

Hopes it'll come back.

Hideo Kojima, currently developing Metal Gear Solid 4 on PlayStation 3, says he's missing the rumble functionality.

"The controls in MGS3 got a little complex, so you'll have a little more direct control in MGS4," he told Official PlayStation Magazine in a preview feature. "That said, I miss the rumble and even now I hope it will come back."

Bad luck for Kojima though - with Sony's Phil Harrison saying as recently as last month that he has no regrets about the loss of rumble and thinks the "six axis of input puts the player in control in a much richer, deeper way".

As to whether the motion sensor is a worthy replacement in Kojima's view, MGS' mastermind doesn't seem to be sure yet. "We can't say how we'll use the motion-sensing functionality specifically but we'll use it for sure," he told OPM.

Kojima also offered a bit more detail on how the futuristic warfare of MGS4: Guns of the Patriots will play out, reportedly explaining how players will be able to align themselves with a particular nation, influencing the way they're perceived by enemies and those creepy hopping robots out of the trailers.

After the game's recent trailer displays though, particularly at the Tokyo Game Show, what we really want to know is who the young Snake was at the end? Alas, apparently we're no closer to finding out, but Kojima does admit that he included the scene to mess with us.

You can read more about MGS4 in our Tokyo Game Show preview. The full game is due out late next year.