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More Japanese devs talk Rev

Guess what Miz's game might be.

While many of them have yet to officially commit to the Revolution, it seems that Japanese developers just can't stop heaping praise on Nintendo's next-generation console. Earlier this week they were spouting off about it to Nintendo Dream magazine, and now they've been sharing the love in an interview with Famitsu.

First up is Rez, Meteos and Lumines creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who perhaps unsurprisingly said he'd like to develop a music-based game for the "freestyle" remote controller - a game that will directly hook up with your physical senses, whatever that means.

Final Fantasy legend Hironobu Sakaguchi said the controller gives you the feeling that you're actually touching the screen, and merely having a quick go of it gave him loads of ideas. Hopefully good ones.

Fellow Square-Enix veteran Yoshinori Kitase goes a step further - he reckons the controller could change your life. The lazy beggar likes to channel surf as a way of relaxing after a hard day's work, since he just can't be arsed sit up and use BOTH his hands to hold a game controller. And don't get him started on PC first-person shooters - getting a table, a mouse and a keyboard together? You must be joking.

The Revolution, however, is much more Kitase's cup of tea. He said he was thrilled that it will let you play whilst lying down, and that he reckons it won't just alter the type of games we play, but our very lifestyles.

Konami's Hiroshi Tanibuchi is at the opposite end of the scale - he said he prefers games that require you to move your body. He's keen to develop an action game that uses both hands, and he's intrigued by the possibilities of linking the DS up with the Revolution.

Several of the developers Famitsu spoke to said they thought the controller was suited to a new kind of RPG - Gaia's Kouji Okada said players could face a whole different range of challenges.

Yoshiki Okamto of Game Republic said the controller is so radical it'll inspire even those who have no imagination. He's got an idea for a Revolution action RPG, and a horror game that's so terrifying you'll want to chuck your controller across the room.

Akihiro Hino, producer of Rogue Galaxy and Dragon Quest VIII, said the arrival of the Revolution will herald the arrival of entirely new types of game. He said he was up for developing an RPG where you hold shield and sword peripherals and even wear a headset, but that this was probably impossible.

Hino's a bit worried that using our hands so much to wave around the Revolution controller might be knackering, though. He said he hopes designers will take note of this, and create games that don't tire people out even after they've been playing for a while.

Tenchu DS creator Atsuhi Taniguchi said that if he were doing a Revolution game, he'd want to make use of the analogue pad expansion pack. He'd make a first-person title, apparently.

Former Street Fighter II designer Noritaka Funamizu has a different idea - he reckons the freestyle controller will work well with games where you'd otherwise use a mouse. A sim with an action focus would be favourite, Funamizu said, adding that those who've been making games for years and years will find it easiest to get to grips with Revolution - and that includes him, natch.

So there you have it - still no official confirmations, but it seems Japanese developers definitely aren't backwards in coming forwards when it comes to showing their appreciation for Nintendo's new baby.

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