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Turok no longer extinct

Next-gen games on way.

In news that somehow got overlooked during the flurry of excitement that surrounded E3, Buena Vista Games has acquired the rights to produce a new instalment in the Turok series.

The prehistoric hero first appeared on the Nintendo 64 back in 1997, and a range of games for multiple platforms followed before the publisher Acclaim went into liquidation back in 2004.

Now BVG are bringing him back, and promising to "redefine Turok videogames" into the bargain [let's bloody hope so - Turok Evolution reviewer]. The new title is being developed by Propaganda Games, BVG's recently established Vancouver studio, for unspecified next-gen consoles.

"It is our goal to capture the essence of Turok and the rich, prehistoric creatures and environments, and leverage new technology and game play mechanics to create the Turok game we've only dreamed about," said studio head Josh Holmes.

"It is exciting for everyone at the studio to be a part of building a franchise for the next generation of Turok titles, as we all grew up reading the comic books and playing the first games.

"The brand's rich, prehistoric setting and ferocious monsters provide us an extensive palette of content to create the most intense, action-packed game play for next generation console systems."

There's no sign of any game details, screenshots or even a vague release date as yet, but if you've been wondering what Turok has been doing to pay the bills since he stopped getting Acclaim royalties, here's a clue.