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Madden Revolution at E3

With gesture system for control.

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EA's announced that it's doing a version of Madden for Nintendo Revolution - with an impressive sounding gesture system for controlling the play.

Development of the game's being handled as a separate entity by a team in Canada, and will take full advantage of the freestyle controller's motion-sensing capabilities.

We're hardly gridiron experts around here, but even we're intrigued by the idea of actually hiking the ball, doing throwing gestures, sweeping the controller in an upward arc to kick and jerking it left and right to dodge people as we run.

A demo of the game will be playable at E3 next month, EA's confirmed.

EA's John Schappert says Madden's not the only game getting special treatment on Revolution, either. "I can tell you that we're working on titles other than just Madden right now and we're not unveiling those just yet. I think you'll see continued support for Revolution and you'll see EA continue to bring innovative titles that maximize the power of the machine," he told GameSpot.

Schappert also talked a bit about the actual development of Madden on Revolution, and some of the steps the team's taken.

"At first we had the hike mechanism where you actually pulled the controller back, so if you think about gesturing your hand forward and pulling it back as if you're hiking the ball, which kind of looks more like a hike, was very hard to do and wasn't something that was comfortable for people," he said. "So we actually moved it to snapping the ball up, as if you're receiving the ball."

Madden Revolution - as yet without a proper title - will be on display in playable form at E3 next month.

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