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2D Castlevania for next-gen?

Igarashi likes the idea.

Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi reckons that all three of the next-gen consoles are ace, and providing the resources are there he'd be happy to do just about anything on them - including more 2D Castlevania titles.

"I hope more people will enjoy the 2D Castlevania experience as a result of it," he told 1UP when asked about the possibility of Symphony of the Night's reception on Xbox Live Live Arcade prompting more 2D Castlevanias on big formats.

The team has "many ideas" for next-gen, he said, and he's encouraged by the various download services being put into place, and would happily use them all, although it's a question of resources - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is being converted to Live Arcade by Konami US because of the burden already on Igarashi's team.

And Castlevania "may not be on all three platforms," he said, but that's not because he doesn't fancy all of them. "I am the one and only producer and I have limited resources, so I think I should choose," he told 1UP in Tokyo.

"I am very happy with the download services from the next-gen platforms, so I would also like to provide other previous Castlevania games on these services," he added.

That could include PSP too. At E3 this year - you might remember - Sony US boss Kaz Hirai showed off Ridge Racer PSone running emulated on PSP, and he's up for that. "I think the PSP is an interesting platform with a big and beautiful screen, so I would like to put my hands on a PSP version," he said. "As for offering SOTN, yes, I would love to provide it as a download if the users would want that."

It's probably safe to assume they do. For more of Igarashi saying yes to things, check out the full interview.

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