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Charity praises Nintendogs

The right message, it says.

In a month that's seen videogames making national news, particularly in the USA, for a variety of unpleasant reasons, Nintendo has been recognised by charitable organisation Dogs Trust for infusing DS title Nintendogs with the right kind of message for potential dog owners.

Announcing a strategic partnership between the dog welfare charity and the platform holder, Adrian Burder, Dogs Trust marketing director, said it was a good match. "The philosophy behind the game has a lot in common with our own aims of ensuring that every dog is a happy and loved pet," he said, adding, "it's great that there's a game that is not only fun to play, but supports the message that responsible dog ownership means more than giving your dog an occasional stroke."

Dogs Trust - formerly the National Canine Defence League - cares for over 12,500 dogs every year, with over 400,000 supporters. Nintendogs involves taking care of a puppy, and positive progress is a reflection of your dog-rearing skills.

The strategic partnership will see joint marketing activities taking place between August and December including on-pack branding and fundraising initiatives, with Nintendo encouraging its fans to sponsor one of Dogs Trust's 26 sponsor dogs at its 15 rehoming centres.

In related news, money off vouchers for Bakers Complete products will also be included in copies of Nintendogs for anyone who picks up the game at the UK launch on 7 October.

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