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Saint's Row demo dated

Due out pre-release.

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THQ and Volition's Xbox 360 exclusive Grand Theft Also, Saint's Row, is due out on August 29th in the States - but you won't have to wait that long to try it out.

That's because the companies are currently preparing a demo version for release on Xbox Live, and an update to the game's official website last week, which IGN subsequently confirmed with the publisher, said we can expect it on August 1st.

The demo will consist of single-player content, THQ added.

You can probably expect it to appear as promised, since THQ has quite a good history with Xbox 360 demos - having released a demo of The Outfit well ahead of time, and demoing MotoGP '06 during E3 week.

The publisher hasn't specified precisely when the game will be released over here, but does list the game as "spring" in its press materials.

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