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'No plans' for more Oblivion

Bethesda on PS3/PSP rumour.

Bethesda Softworks says it has no plans to do PSP and PS3 versions of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, despite what some-bloke-on-a-forum said. (Yep.)

"At present we have no announced plans to bring Oblivion to any platforms other than PC or Xbox 360," is the official line issued yesterday.

That's after a chap called "snatches" on the Gaming Age Forums claimed they were - and that the games were due out this November. Apparently the source was a "release list from Bethesda".

Since then, he's responded to news of Bethesda's cold water by saying "if this news isn't true it's because some sales idiot at Bethesda sent out incorrect info".

So there you go.