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Another Code due in June

And that's in Europe! Crikey. Lots of other Nintendo dates too. Mmm, dates.

Nintendo of Europe has sent out one of its happy little periodicals announcing a few release dates. The latest Q2 schedule doesn't tell us very much we didn't already know, but there are a couple of date announcements for the DS, which is good news as we're enduring something of a drought at the moment.

So to the DS first, and the news that we'll be getting the adventure game known to most of the world as Another Code (and known to the ever exciting Working Titles department at Ninty Europe at "Another DS") on 24th June. That, for those who don't keep up with such things, could well turn out to be before the US gets hold of it.

And, for those who haven't kept up with the game, Another Code is a proper adventure game with a plot and everything. You control Ashley, a girl trying to work out what's happened to her folks, and you use the DS to walk her around, tapping on items to interact with them. There'll be mini-games, voice recognition aspects, and lots of other things that will hopefully encourage LucasArts to re-release the entire adventure game back catalogue on the DS. Come on guys.

Earlier than Another Code will come the release of Yoshi Touch & Go on 6th May, although you could always just buy that from the US. The same is true of Pac-Pix, too, which is due out in Europe in "Q2". It's also worryingly got a "temporary title" tag next to it, so presumably we should all look out for Project Pac or something equally indistinct.

Elsewhere in the Nintendo world (not the shop), GBA owners can look forward to playing Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on 6th May, and there's reconfirmation that gyroscopic sensor mini-games package WarioWare Twisted! (what a really boring description of something so wonderful) is out 3rd June. [*prod* *prod* -Ed] Oh okay and that Mario Party Advance is out on the 24th. Pesky thing.

Cube-wise, however, there's not much to remark upon. Starfox Assault is out this Friday 29th April (review soon), but we knew that, and Donkey Konga 2: Hit Song Parade will be drumming up support from 3rd June, but we knew that too. Hopefully E3 will spring some surprises.

  • GameCube
  • Starfox Assault - 29th April
  • Donkey Konga 2: Hit Song Parade - 3rd June

  • Game Boy Advance
  • Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - 6th May
  • WarioWare Twisted! - 3rd June
  • Mario Party Advance - 24th June

  • Nintendo DS
  • Yoshi Touch & Go - 6th May
  • Another DS (working title) - 24th June
  • Pac-Pix - Q2 2005