Donkey Konga 2

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It's often tough to say goodbye. But when only eight games come out for a system in a whole year, it's probably time to bid our farewells. The last GameCube release - the last one ever, I think it's safe to say - was Ratatouille, and God knows where the shops put that. Hidden amongst the three pre-owned copies of Luigi's Mansion at the back of the shelf, probably.

Donkey Konga 2

Donkey Konga 2


Games should leave you with memories. Like this one:

As you may know, Donkey Konga 2 is a game about bashing bongos and clapping in time to various songs. Yesterday, having spent the morning working my way through its catalogue of music - prompting Rob to complain that he was "moderately disturbed by Tom's bongos" to anyone who'd listen - I found myself calling up the rather gorgeous Habanera.

I like classical music. Not to the extent that I recognise more than a handful of tunes, but enough to know that techno remixes of The Minute Waltz - to be found elsewhere on the playlist - should be banned. So discovering a proper Habanera was soothing - particularly for Rob, whose productivity dived so low, as I sat there pounding the rubber-topped plastic jungle drums clasped between my knees, that to use the expression "nose-dived" would imply that his head was below sea-level despite the fact that he was often standing up in a second-floor flat on top of a small hill.

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