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WOW gets parental controls

So Ma and Pa can restrict play.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Blizzard has introduced an new parental control system for hugely popular MMOG World of Warcraft so that parents can restrict the amount of time their children spend playing.

All Ma or Pa have to do is log in to their kid's WOW account and then set up a parental control password. Then they can set up a play schedule to determine when the account is accessible - or choose from one of the preset schedules, which only allow play, say, after school.

There are also presets which force the player to take a one-hour break at regular intervals, or restrict account access to weekends and so on. There's no getting round it by switching characters, either - each schedule applies to all the characters registered to the account.

The parental control system is up and running right now and can be accessed via the WOW website. All we can say is it's a good job we don't live with our Mum any more and that this writer's boyfriend doesn't read the website.

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