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Battlestations to hit 360, PC

Also, Urban Chaos dated.

Eidos' World War II title Battlestations: Midway will debut on Xbox 360 and PC this autumn, the publisher's announced, while current-gen console title Urban Chaos: Riot Response has been given a solid release date of May 19th on PS2 and Xbox.

Developed by Eidos Studios, Hungary, Battlestations mixes Pacific air and sea battles - both on and under the surface - and gives players control of dozens of units in a free control environment, allowing players to hop from the deck of a battleship to the controls of a fighter plane or the bridge of a submarine at will. It'll include both single and multiplayer options - the latter including co-op. PS2 and Xbox versions are also planned.

Meanwhile, Urban Chaos, developed by Londoners Rocksteady Studios, puts players into an elite police counter-gang unit called T-Zero as a former US marine. You'll team up with firefighters, paramedics and regular police to take on all sorts of threats, bombs and hostage scenarios.

We'll have reviews of both nearer release.