Urban Chaos: Riot Response

Bruce, almighty. As widescreen summer entertainments go, Batman: Arkham Knight is big, brash and badass enough to mix it with any of 2015's movie blockbusters. It's even been marketed as the conclusion of an epic trilogy, equating London-based developers Rocksteady with popcorn auteurs like Christopher Nolan or Peter Jackson and positioning Arkham Knight as the capstone to some grand, overarching mythos. (This also conveniently sweeps 2013's snowy Arkham Origins, the competent but slightly underwhelming prequel developed separately by Warner Bros Montreal, under the bat-carpet.)

Urban Chaos: Riot Response

Urban Chaos: Riot Response

Time for T-Zero.

To get noticed in a genre as saturated as the dear old first-person shooter, you've got to do things a little differently; mess with people's preconceptions, give them new toys to play around with, and challenge them with canny enemies that surprise us,

It's not enough to expect people to be wowed by incremental advancements, be they technology, AI or even narrative related, and damn the game to hell that dares to stand still. And if you really are going to make just another shooter, for pity's sake at least play the technology card so emphatically that we're prepared to forgive it for being just another shooter.

But in making Urban Chaos (originally known by the less than promising moniker of Roll Call) Rocksteady didn't really worry too much about raising any bars, cutting any edges or various other hideous, life-threatening clichés that may involve envelopes and boxes. Commendably, the Brit studio appears to have ducked the issue altogether by - ulp - doing things a little differently to everyone else. To our eternal gratitude, it's not a poor man's Half-Life 2. It's definitely not trying to be Doom, and Warren Spector wouldn't want to be seen dead anywhere near it.

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Battlestations to hit 360, PC

Also, Urban Chaos dated.

Eidos' World War II title Battlestations: Midway will debut on Xbox 360 and PC this autumn, the publisher's announced, while current-gen console title Urban Chaos: Riot Response has been given a solid release date of May 19th on PS2 and Xbox.