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Mega Men come together

Zero 3 and Battle Network 4 hold hands.

According to reports based on retail fact sheets from Japan (picked up on by 1UP), Capcom's latest side-scrolling handheld platformer Mega Man Zero 3 will connect with fellow Mega Man title Battle Network 4 to release unlockables in both titles.

The recently announced Zero 3 will benefit from the addition of enemies from the Battle Network universe, while BN4 will benefit from Zero's mighty energy sword. Zero 3 also reportedly supports the eCard Reader, although it's not clear what sort of functionality we're dealing with on that front.

Capcom Europe has yet to date Zero 3, which was only unveiled earlier this month, but the game is due out on GBA in Japan this April 23rd. Mega Man Battle Network 4 meanwhile is due out in Europe this autumn, having topped the charts in Japan fairly recently.

2004 is certainly a busy year for Mega Man completists, who will also be pleased to hear that Mega Man X7 is due out on the PS2 next Friday March 5th, followed by GBA title Battle Chip Challenge on the 19th, with Mega Man X Command Mission for the GameCube turning up around the same time as Battle Network 4 this autumn. Mega Man Anniversary Collection (PS2/Cube) meanwhile has yet to be dated for Europe.

In other news, we still can't make our minds up: Megaman or Mega Man?

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