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Megaman takes up RPG mission

Capcom pushing the blue bomber's first proper RPG.

Also on display at Capcom's Las Vegas event this week was Megaman X Command Mission, the Cube and PS2 RPG set within the Megaman X universe, which the developer/publisher revealed would be released in the autumn alongside Megaman Battle Network 4 on GBA.

Unlike previous console versions of Megaman, Command Mission is a full-on RPG, which blends the fundamental Megaman characters with traditional RPG tenets (party/character building, sprawling quest, etc) and wraps it all up in cel-shaded, stylised 3D environments on Giga City Island where the game is set - and Megaman and co. have ventured to thwart the plans of the Liberion Army.

The new Cube/PS2 adventure will allow players to pick a three-character party to take on the trials of Giga City Island, building from a bank of seven characters including Megaman, Zero, Axl and four debutants: Cinnamon (whose special abilities involve healing), Marino (whose ninja tactics could be useful), Masino (an axe-wielder) and Spider (who carries playing cards, apparently - unless they mean he's a card-carrying psychopath, which would be infinitely more interesting).

Along the way, players can expect to build up each character using super-energy materials known as Force Metals, developing their skills with weapons and so on in much the way you'd expect. One feature Capcom is promoting is the "Cross Order System", which displays turn order and health apparently to help with the execution of special "final strike" attack combos amongst other things. Chances are we'll have to play it to see what they mean, though.

Which, conveniently, we'll all be able to do in the autumn. You can see what the game looks like in this batch of new shots.

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