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Crimson Sea 2 delayed

Too choppy.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Crimson Sea 2, which as you may recall recently switched from Xbox to PS2, has been delayed due to what publisher Koei describes as development issues. The game had been due out on March 14th in Japan and March 30th in the States (with a PAL release anticipated later in the year), but now looks set to debut in the Far East on April 15th instead.

Set two years after the previous game, Crimson Sea 2 stars returning Vipa hero Sho and a new magical female Vipa Feanay on a quest to disrupt a new interplanetary evil. Players will be able to switch between the two characters over the course of the game's 60-or-so missions.

Although Koei has yet to confirm Crimson Sea 2 for Europe, the publisher's European arm is already releasing Pacific Theatre of Operations III, Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII and Disgaea: The Hour of Darkness, and if they qualify you can bet your PS2 that Crimson Sea 2 is on the cards. We'll let you know.

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